What is Peak Performance Music?

So what is this Peak Performance Music all about????


In simple terms “Peak Performance Music” is a unique blend of high energy music, motivational messages and a listening enhancement technology know as “binaural beats“.  The music used is hand crafted uptempo electro/dance beats, which work as a great vehicle to deliver motivational messages in a fun, entertaining and empowering way.  As if that weren’t enough to stimulate some brain cells “binaural beats” are added to take the listening experience to a whole new level.  Binaural beat technology uses a process known as entrainment to activate specific brainwaves based on the frequencies used.  This technology is found most commonly in guided mediations, where the listener is taken to a state of deep relaxation using Theta Waves, but with Peak Performance Music we are taken the opposite direction using Gamma Waves, which are associated with heightened awareness, increased perception, improved focus and overall “Peak State”.

Have you ever listened to an audio book while driving or exercising?  I personally am a huge fan of audio books, especially while stuck in traffic (plenty of road time here in Southern California), working out, vacation, etc, but the audio by itself becomes hard to focus on at times and I personally can only handle it in bite size doses.  As a result I used to jump back and forth between audio-books and music.  I’m always interested in learning and bettering myself through absorption of positive material, but every know and then it’s a lot more fun to just crank the speakers up and feel the vibes of some great music!  After years of jumping back and forth I figured hmmmm, why not combine the best of both worlds???  It was soon thereafter that I stumbled onto binaural beats through some guided mediations I was using, which after studying the science behind it realized could be used to stimulate Gamma Waves and thus take this whole musical concept to another level!

So that’s Peak Performance Music in a nutshell.  To learn more about this new cutting edge music and receive free downloads jump over to the home page: http://www.thesatorisound.com

Reach for more and FEEL ALIVE!

Adam of The Satori Sound

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