The “SATORI” Sound; more than just a name!

   sa·to·ri   [suh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee]  

    “sudden enlightenment.”


Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for sudden enlightenment.  It’s used to describe what many would refer to as a breakthrough or “ah ha” moment.  Although most of us haven’t reached what might be referred to as “enlightenment” we undoubtedly have all experienced these moments; whether it be a state of unfamiliar and absolute peace, the exhilaration of a new idea, or a breakthrough in an important area.  Is there a better feeling in the world???

Interestingly enough the idea to create motivational/inspirational “Peak Performance Music” and to use the word “Satori” as the name came at the same time in a single “Satori” moment.   I had never heard the word before it came out of the great Wayne Dyer’s mouth at a conference in San Diego back in May 2010.  Dr. Dyer was on stage sharing his inspirational messages and at one point during the presentation played the American classic; “Amazing Grace”.  After being moved deeply by his messages as well as the music a light bulb went on and the idea to combine the best of both worlds was the result.  Not long after playing the song Dr. Dyer talked about the word Satori and I had the chills as I realized that is what had just happened (on a small scale). I had just experienced a Satori moment, and this would be the name I used for my music!

It’s only fitting that an artist/producer whose mission is to use music as a vehicle to deliver inspirational messages in a fun, powerful and memorable way would choose such a name.  Ultimately my goal is to help spark a Satori moment in each of my listeners; to help them reach for more and FEEL ALIVE!


Adam of The Satori Sound

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