Press Release: “Are You Ready!?!”


 How to EnterTRAIN Your Brain!

 Are You Ready!?!  to take MP3s to the third degree?


MARINA DEL RAY, CALIFORNIA (03/01/12) – It is now possible to have fun while you “enterTRAIN” your brain. You can fill your iPod with MP3s that motivate, energize and increase your personal potential. Artist Adam Gockel has found a way to synthesize science, sound and song. The result for his clients is an aural ascent – upward to a higher plane of performance, productivity and motivation.

Are You Ready!?! is the aptly-named debut from Gockel’s company, The Satori Sound. Performing as “Satori DJ,” Adam combines upbeat electro/dance tracks with positive messages. The music is all carefully-crafted using an enhancement technology referred to as “binaural beats.” Adam’s method uses advanced, cutting-edge technology to modulate your brainwaves.

As a producer, composer and audio engineer, Adam utilizes science when he is producing his tracks. However, as “Satori DJ” he is performing with his innate artistic ability. Within Are You Ready!?! he connects to his listeners with a dance/ electro mix that is hook-laden and addictive. The end result is altruistic for Gockel. “I truly believe that using music as a vehicle of empowerment to help listeners live an inspired life is my calling,” offers Gockel. Adam elaborates, “This is music that is scientifically blended into a new genre I call “Peak Performance Music.”

The reviews of Are You Ready!?! resonate with success stories, many of which come in through Adam’s membership-based site at Supermodel, fitness guru, and author of Model Skinny, Sarah DeAnna, describes Adam’s music as, “… having a way of ALWAYS making me feel inspired, energized, excited, and positively upbeat and ALIVE!” Key tracks on Are You Ready!?! include the hip-hop flavor of “Ready for Takeoff” and the elecro-dance style of “This Moment.”

Are You Ready!?! will show you the new meaning of the “M” and “P” in MP3! The “M” now means mastering motivation. The “P” refers to powering up your potential. The sum of these two integral parts is all taken to the power of “3.” The Satori Sound’s Peak Performance Music will show you how to ‘EnterTRAIN‘ your brain! The Satori sound takes MP3s to the third degree!

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