Inspirational Music Tracks

Nothing has the power to uplift and move us quite like inspirational music tracks.  The Satori Sound has embraced this concept and taken the power of music to new heights using high energy music and blending it with inspirational messages and a brainwave enhancing technology known as binaural beats.  This dynamic combination of sonic techniques culminates into a new genre of music referred to as “Peak Performance Music”.

One of The Satori Sound’s latest releases titled; “You!” focuses on the conundrum that all too often we are wishing we were more like someone else , yet also so quick to judge others and wish they were more like us.  It reminds us that we should not compare ourselves to others, or others to us, but simply focus on being our greatest self AND that we are perfect just the way we are!

A free download and more on the science behind this “Peak Performance Music” can be found at:

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