Great Workout Music!

What makes for great workout music?  Is it as simple as a high energy, high tempo song, or is there more too it?  In my opinion the difference between good workout music and great workout music is the ability to not just raise ones heart rate, but also raise ones spirits.  The Satori Sound has found the perfect recipe by combining dynamic sounds, motivational messages and a listening enhancement technology known as “binaural beats”.

“As we move through life we take on new challenges, new endeavors, new projects, new opportunities. Life thrusts us into new directions without warning. We are presented with new opportunites often disguised as problems or inconveniences.  They require a new learning, a new understanding, a new skill, talent and growth.  In the beginning it can be hard to embrace such change. But how many times has something new presented itself that ultimately improved your quality of life?  Made you stronger, wiser, more complete? You’ve been here before! Do it again! ”

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