Encouraging Music feat Michael Bernard Beckwith

When it comes to getting back into high spirits two things come to mind that always seem to do the trick:

1. An uplifiting song
2. Encouraging words

Now imagine the power of combining the two into encouraging music!

Having appeared on the “The Secret”, Oprah, Larry King, etc, not to mention being the Founder and Director of the Agape Spiritual Center and having written numerous award winning books and programs; Michael Bernard Beckwith has become one of the most well known and influential spiritual teachers on the planet. Michael Beckwith is both a Reverend and a Doctor giving him a well rounded and profound perspective on theology as well as science. He has dedicated decades to studying religion as well as such scientific fields as quantum physics and quantum mechanics, where he has discovered that at the core they are all the same just explained in different ways. We are all energy, we are all connected and we are all love!

For more encouraging music and info visit http://www.thesatorisound.com

For more Michael Bernard Beckwith material visit: www.agapelive.com

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