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 Inside The Production of  Personal Potential


“The Satori Sound’s motivational music has a way of ALWAYS making me feel inspired, energized, excited, positively upbeat and ALIVE!
Sarah DeAnna – Supermodel, fitness guru, and author of Model Skinny


What do Red Bull, Starbucks and The Satori Sound have in common? The answer: when consumed they provide energy that stimulates both the body and mind. Although, there is one striking difference … The Satori Sound is consumed through stereo speakers in the form of a new cutting edge style of inspirational music known as; “Peak Performance Music.” Imagine the power and stimulation that we receive from our favorite energy drinks, but in an all- natural way – without the caffeine. Adam Gockel of The Satori Sound has found a solution to your brain drain. The Satori Sound stimulates natural energy and inspiration without the jitters! Believe it or not, the technique is safe, simple – yet profound.

The Music

Adam combines upbeat electro/dance tracks with positive messages and a listening enhancement technology referred to as “binaural beats”. The result is a new genre of motivational music he calls “Peak Performance Music.” Adam’s tracks harness the science of sound waves and brainwaves to increase personal potential through music thus creating a fun, powerful and memorable listening experience.

Adam created The Satori Sound in 2011 as a membership-based site. Its goal is to increase human potential through motivational music – on a global scale. The Satori Sound taps into new scientific methods to catalyze and extend human performance and personal potential. Adam accomplishes this by adding music and technology into his motivational messages. In doing so, he has branded this genre “Peak Performance Music.”

The term “Satori” originates in Japanese and means “enlightenment.” Enlightenment is the purpose of Adam’s The Satori Sound and his Peak Performance Music. He explains, “I truly believe that using music as a vehicle to deliver messages of empowerment to help listeners live an inspired life and reach for more is my calling.” The Satori Sound is the result of an energetic and creative collision of music, motivation and science.

Adam elaborates, “My goal is forging tracks and mixes that are powerful and create potentially life- changing musical journeys. The end goal is to increase their personal potential in a new and exciting way using technology, music, and voice messages. So you might ask, “What makes the style of The Satori Sound so unique?” It is the distinctive blend of cutting-edge electro/dance beats, over the top of synthesized binaural beats.

Adam gives quick insight into the science, “Binaural beats is a listening-enhancement technology. It alters one’s state through brainwave synchronization. It is most commonly used in guided mediations to help people relax through slower frequency brainwaves.” The Satori Sound’s different because it utilizes this same technology via brainwaves that are more active. Adam’s productions use the highest Gamma waves to stimulate heightened awareness, perception, focus, and overall peak state. The result is a fresh and new cutting edge style of inspirational music.


It is ironic that Adam’s Peak Performance Music came out of his own journey, which began in the shadow of the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Adam Gockel was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado – a city on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. While many of his family members are creative, Adam calls himself a late-bloomer as far as his music career, “I always had an interest in music. It harbored as a mutually exclusive hobby as I worked as a life/sales coach.”

After college and a decade in the work force, he had worked or studied with renowned motivational gurus, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Zigler, and Tony Robbins. However, something was missing from all of the seminars, the books and the audio tracks Adam produced or listened to. The birth of The Satori Sound came via an epiphany as Adam realized he was using his own innate love of electronic music as an adjunct to other methods of human motivation. He suddenly had awareness that the muse was missing … music combined with words created a perfect vehicle for his new genre.

The Journey

He explains, “I began a full-on ascent up a steep learning curve in music production.” At the peak of this learning curve was his new creation … and he began the climb in 2010. Adam started taking production workshops in Los Angeles and online courses from top production schools. “One of my biggest breaks in my study of music production was the opportunity to become friends with and train with one of the head instructors in LA,” Adam adds. The paradigm of Adam’s The Satori Sound is to make it his mission to develop his production skills to the highest possible level.

Initially he set out to become a producer, not a DJ, nor an artist. That plan to remain only a producer changed suddenly … thanks to a pair of invites to perform. In the first of these, Adam was invited to perform at the esteemed Winter Music Conference in Miami Florida in 2011. Adam explains “I had sent in a demo, but when I was invited to perform, I found myself suddenly thrust into gathering DJ equipment … I was suddenly a DJ and producer!” It was at this moment in time that Adam immediately morphed into a performer. “I chose the name Satori DJ as a performer,” explains Adam.

The performance at the WMC was followed by another serendipitous success story … an opportunity to perform with Tony Robbins at his “Unleash the Power Within” (UPW) seminar. “This was a dream come true,” Adam continues, “I had attended many of Tony’s seminars, and have been a big fan for years so to perform at UPW in front of 4,000 people was a tremendous thrill and an honor.” The success of this impromptu performance led Adam to travel with Tony Robbin’s team to Australia and Fiji over several months.

What’s Next?

The Satori Sound and Adam’s production of Peak Performance Music are still an evolving project. However, don’t let his recent entry into the world of music production fool you. Adam is, quite obviously, a highly motivated musician and producer. He released his debut album in October of 2011, entitled, “Are You Ready?!?”. Seeking out the top Hollywood voice coaches, Adam produced and recorded the album with its all-original compositions and vocal messages.  Adam followed this up in October 2012 with his sophomore album, “Journey Inward”, which by many was considered a “masterpiece” in terms of it’s creativity, production quality and uplifting impact.

As 2014 unfolds, Adam is hard at work on a new album, as well as continuing his work as a “Peak Performance Strategist.” Through his website, he continues to climb higher, and the view keeps getting better. It is ironic that as a child in Fort Collins, Adam could always see the peaks of the Rocky Mountains rise above his hometown. Because today, no matter where he is on the globe, he still has a new peak to climb. In every new track, he produces or performs – you’ll find his Peak Performance Music. For Adam, it’s not about the potential of his productions – it’s about using his music to inspire the production of personal potential in others.


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